Gastrostomy Feeding in Motor Neurone Disease

Wendy giving herself a feed
during MND Clinic

PEG Ed is designed to support you through decision- making regarding a gastrostomy feeding tube (PEG) as well as provide you with information on the procedure and everyday life with a PEG.

This step by step guide will provide you, your family and your carers with reliable information that you can access at any time. This information will add to the information given to you in MND Clinic.

Included are several videos of MND clients who tell their personal stories regarding their MND journey and their decisions regarding feeding. There is also an interactive decision-making tool and videos of doctors who work in MND Clinic such as a gastroenterologist discussing what is involved when you come to hospital to have the procedure.

PEG Ed takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish. It is not necessary to go through every section at once. You may find it useful to visit PEG Ed in shorter sittings by selecting information relevant to your situation. Simply scroll down to view the 6 circles and click on the circle that you are most interested in.